Terms of Use

We advise that you carefully read the terms of service before using our website. By using our website, you consent to have read the terms of service. Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p. reserves all rights to change the terms of service. All changes to the terms of service are legally binding, so we advise that you keep up to date with our terms of service.


Terms of service and user information

The terms of service from the Vonj poletja website are made in compliance with the Consumer Protection Law (CPL)  and the Law on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) and the Electronic Communications Act (ECA). Vonj poletjawebstore is an information system, designed to present and sell products to the customer. It is managed by Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p., also known as Vonj poletja / the store / Vendor. The user is the person that using our system, therefore the consumer in our webstore. Upon registration to the webstore, the user gains a username which is identical to his e-mail address, which is the same as the one that the user has input for his account name and password. The account name and password are undoubtedly connected to the filled in data. After the registration process is complete, the user becomes a registered user and gains the right to buy items from the webstore. The terms of service encompass the workings of the webstore, user information and the business relationship between the store and the consumer.



Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p.

Vurnikov trg 3 a, 4240 Radovljica, Slovenija

VAT Taxpayer: No

The company is registered in the court register of the district court in Radovljica on the 20h of May 2021.

Transaction account: TRR: SI56 0400 0027 6450 911 open at Nova KBM d.d.

The user agrees to the binding terms of agreement on the moment of purchase (Placing an order). Upon placing an order, the user is referenced to the terms of service, which he accepts upon confirming his order placement.

Access to information

Vonj poletja ensures the following information to the user:

  1. company identity (registration number, seat of the company),
  2. contact addresses (e-mail address, phone address),
  3. key features of the product (warranty, information) and the expiration date of the products,
  4. accessibility to the product (every product has its own article on the webstore, which should be accessed within a reasonable time),
  5. terms of deliver (how, where and when),
  6. prices, which must be clear and undoubtedly defined and shown, weather they include VAT, the costs of transport and any other costs as well as the expiration date,
  7. payment and transportation methods and the expiration date,
  8. the valid time frame of the offer,
  9. the time at which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and terms of withdrawing from the contract (description of the right of withdrawing in compliance with the 43rd article of the Consumer Protection Act. the consumer will be notified if he does not have the right to withdraw,
  10. an explanation about the process of a complaint, which includes all information about the contacted information or the company.


Due to the nature of the online business the products in webstore Vonj poletja are constantly updating.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available in the webstore:

  • Payment on delivery with cash or card upon delivery
  • Advance payment (You will receive the receipt via e-mail). After the date expires, EVonj poletja is no longer liable to hold any products that were ordered. Only after receiving the payment will the process begin.
  • Payment with PayPal or payment with credit cards via PayPal which enables safe payment options with the credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and American Express). The consumer does not need to create his own PayPal account. The PayPal system is noted as one of the safest payment systems in the world


Placing an order is a process that goes over the internet and works 24 hours a day, all days in the year. All orders before 12 am will be shipped the same day or the following day. Orders after 12 am, on weekends and holidays will be shipped on the first working day. Our business partner is the Pošta Slovenije. In case the product is not available, the delivery time will be longer.  Vonj poletja reserves the right to select a different courier if this proves to be more effective and more efficient.

The cost of delivery in Slovenia are 4,50 eur. For shipping to other countries of EU, please check Pošta Slovenija for international traffic. For more information, please write to info@vonjpoletja.si.

You can also pick up the order. There are two pick up locations:

  • Vedrijan 9, 5211 Kojsko (Advanced payment, Paypal, at pick up location with cash or card)
  • Vurnikov trg 3 A, 4240 Radovljica. (Advanced payment, paypal, pick up location ONLY with cash)

After placing an order, please, wait for further instructions, that you will receive via provided e-mail, with information, when you can pick up the order.

Cancelling an order,

The consumer can cancel the order without any added costs until the point the products have already been shipped. The cancelation is possible only via contacting info@vonjpoletja.com  and offering the following information:

  • Order number
  • Name and surname of the consumer
  • Address of the consumer

In the event of product unavailability Vonj poletja reserves the right to cancel the order, if the consumer does not respond to the vendors notification. Before cancellation due to unavailability occurs, the vendor will always notify the customer via e-mail or via the phone number that the consumer’s account has listed. If the consumer does not respond within 10 business days, the vendor is allowed to cancel the order himself. Any paid money via bank transfer, phone payment, PayPal or credit card will be refunded within 5 business days after the cancellation has happened.

The right to walk away from a contract, returning the goods

The consumer (the stated only applying for physical entities, which acquire the products for the purpose outside of their purchasing reason) in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act has the right to inform the vendor that he or she is walking away from the contract within 14 days of receiving the products, without having to state the reason for the decision. The period starts one day after receiving the products. The consumer inform the vendor via info@vonjpoletja.si.

The only cost borne by the consumer in connection with the withdrawal is the cost of returning the goods. The goods must be returned to the seller no later than 14 days from the submitted notice of withdrawal from the contract (purchase) to the address of the vendor (Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p., Vurnikov trg 3 a, 4240 Radovljica).

The buyer must return the received goods undamaged (unused) and in the same quantity, unless the goods are destroyed, damaged, lost or their quantity has decreased without the consumer’s fault. The manufacturer of product also prescribes its original packaging (in accordance with Article 36 of the Consumer Protection Act). As the packaging is an integral part of the item, it must also be enclosed as it was in its original condition at the time of receipt of the item (ie undamaged and unchanged). The buyer must enclose a copy of the invoice with the return.

Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. Refunds are made to the customer’s bank account. The return of the received goods to the company within the deadline for withdrawal from the contract is considered a notice of withdrawal from the contract.

The consumer does not have the right to walk away from the contract with orders that included specific orders (such as personalized soaps, tea blends etc), which was made specifically to their personal needs, meaning these products inherently are not suitable to be returned or due to an expiration date. A refund needs to occur within 14 days of receiving a message about walking away from a contract (except the costs of expedited shipping). The company will refund all payments to the consumer using the bank transfer on the bank account provided by the customer in the withdrawal form.

Any bonuses, discount codes or promotional codes are not refunded when a consumer walks away from a contract. The consumer is only refunded the paid amount.

Withdrawal form:

Name and surname: ____________________________________
Telephon number: ________________________

e-mail: ________________________________

Reason for returning or changing:

    The product is damaged.

    I didn’t order this product.


Product that I want to return change
Choose the way of returning/changing  
–       Changing a product for another one  
–       Returning the paid amount on  
Bank: _____________________________________  
Bank account: _____________________________________  


Placing an order

The consumer chooses and orders all the items that are available on the webstore. These items are ordered into different categories.


  1. Choosing a product or products that you wish to add to shopping cart with a click on Add to cart. Some products need additional information: volume, weight, color etc. Hovering over the “shopping cart” will show you a list of all the products you have added. Clicking on “Show shopping cart” will show you a list of all the products you have selected alongside their individual prices as well as the total sum of the products ( without the transportation costs ). After searching for products, you can click on a shopping cart (in the right corner above). To change amount of product you can click + or -. Under the name of the product is the button remove. To update the cart, click on update the cart. To continue shopping press Shop in the menu, to finish shopping press Continue to payment.
  2. After clicking to continue to payment a customer has an option to make an account or to continue without registration or signing in.
  3. After choosing the payment and delivery method a customer sees the summery of the order. If the customer wants to change the order, clicks on Change the order. After placing an order, the user will receive a notification via E-mail, confirming that the order was placed. Here we list the products that were selected and the quantities that the user has selected. If the user would like to make any changes to the order he must contact the vendor at the E-mail address info@vonjpoletja.si, where he must also list the order number, which is mentioned in the confirmation notification.
  4. The customer can follow his/her order in the customer account.
  5. The order is being processed: After confirming the order, the order goes to the vendor, who must check if the product is available. In case of missing information, a vendor can call or write to customer.
  6. The order is complete: The selected products will be delivered to the delivery address within the shortest time possible.

After placing an order

The sale contract between the vendor and consumer is formed the moment the consumer confirms his order. From this point onward, all prices and other terms are fixed and are binding for the vendor and the consumer. The prices apply until they are changed, which can happen without notice. The consumer will be notified if the prices have been changed during the process. The vendor will try to ensure the lowest possible price or offer a possible solution, which will be mutually beneficial for both the consumer and the vendor. In the opposite event, Vonj poletja can use its right to step away from the sale contract and refund the consumer. The sale contract (i.e. the first e-mail after placing an order) is saved on the vonj poletja server and is accessible to the consumer. Contracts on the Vonj poletja website (www.vonjpoletja.com) are formed only in the Slovenian language.

Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p., is not responsible for any possible mistakes (grammatical, typing or other) that can occur with prices. The consumer will be notified in the event of a mistake.

Issuing a receipt

Vonj poltje will deliver a receipt of the products purchased via E-mail in a .pdf format. The receipt will show the prices and all costs added to the purchase as well as a notification about stepping away from the contract. It is the user’s duty to check weather all the information is correct before he confirms the order. Vonj poletja is not accountable for any problems, regarding payment methods, the consumer has after he has confirmed his order.


All the prices on the Vonj poletja webstore use the Euro currency. A lowered price is a price reduction of the regular price, which is used for individual products for a determined or undetermined amount of time. All the prices on the webstore are the prices of the products themselves and therefore do not include the costs of transportation. Prices are effective in the moment of placing an order and have no more validity after placing an order. All prices work within the before mentioned payment methods and terms. While incredibly difficult to ensure the most accurate data points it is still possible that pricing errors can occur. V in the event of a price change happening during processing the order, Vonj poletja will enable the consumer to walk away from the contract. Gift cards and discount bonuses or coupons cannot be exchanged for cash. Discounts and coupons do not add up together, unless stated otherwise!

Product quality

The photographs of the products are symbolic and therefore do not represent the actual quality of the products (this is especially true for colour deviation). Vonj poletja is not liable for the exact quality of the products displayed on the webstore (text and photo material).

Safety of purchase

The vendor uses different methods of protection of information to ensure the safety of the consumer. The vendor uses an SSL certificate, that was given to him by an authorized company. The authorization of credit cards is done in real time with immediate checking of information at banks. Card information is not stored on the vendors servers.

The responsibility of the consumer

The consumer is responsible to check all the information on his account regarding any form of errors and needs to report any errors or mistakes to the vendor within 8 days of receiving the products. Vonj poletja does not accept later returns. The consumers credit card is immediately charged after confirming his order. The amount that was charged can be different to the receipt, since the prices do not include shipping or transfers.

We are not responsible for any issues that can occur with currency exchanges or payments on the consumers side of the bank, as well as other issues that can occur when paying with different currencies, that is charged by your bank, if the Euro is not the default currency at your bank.

Protection of personal data

Vonj poletja follows the EU directive of GDPR. All the details can be found on the page of our “privacy Policy”. The user must know that he is responsible to give out his personal information that is correct and real to the vendor. The user must also inform the vendor if he wishes to change any of his current information.


The Vonj poletja webstore will meet the use of communication devices (E-mail, phone) unless the consumer explicitly says otherwise.

The e-mails from Vonj poletja will contain the following:

  • Clearly defined advertisements
  • Vonj poletja will be represented clearly
  • Different promotions and marketing techniques will be marked as well as the rules of participations that come with it
  • A clear representation about the possibility of unsubscribing from our newsletter
  • Vonj poletja will respect the wishes of the consumer who wishes not to receive any more e-mails from Vonj poletja.


The Vonj poletja webstore is the property of Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p., all rights reserved. The contents of this website can include materials which are copyrighted as well as materials which are the rights of third parties. Any form of intervention or mediation of information on the website is allowed only with a written authorization from the owner. We reserve the rights to change the terms of service without notice.

Limited responsibility

Vonj poletja tries its best to ensure the most accurate information that depicted on its site. With that in mind the consumer must understand that the delivery dates and prices can change at a moment’s notice and the vendor is unable to respond to this by changing the information shown on his website instantly. In such cases we give the consumer the option to walk away from the contract or to replace that product with another. The vendor can only walk away from a contract if there is an obvious error. These errors can come in the forms of price errors, missing information, etc.

Complaints and Confrontation

The vendor respects the Consumer Protection Act and tries to ensure an effective complaint system. You can file a complaint to our e-mail at info@vonjpoletja.com or via physical mail at the address Vonj poletja, Eva Marinič s.p., Vurnikov trg 3 a, 4240 Radovljica. The process of filing a complain is classified. The company Vonj poletja is aware that the core of most complaints is the disproportionate economic value of products, necessary time and costs that happen due to resolving issues, which can also be a hurdle to the consumer for taking legal action. This is why Vonj poletja is doing its best to resolve any issues in a civilized manner. The vendor must confirm that he has received a complaint within 5 business days and the vendor must respond to the consumer about how long this issue will take to resolve and he must inform the customer about any improvements about this issue.

Nonjudicial resolving of consumer conflicts

In line with the legal norms of Vonj poletja. we do not acknowledge any third-party entity that is used to resolve customer conflicts outside of the authorized ones that can be accessed in line with the nonjudicial resolving of consumer conflicts. We as a vendor offer a webstore that can be accessed, which has a link to the platform that is used to solve consumer conflicts. The platform is available for consumers HERE.

The beforementioned statement is derived from the Law of nonjudicial consumer conflict resolution. EU regulation number 524/2013 and then regulation number 2016/2004 and the directive of 2009/22/ES

Help and additional questions

You can contact us with all your questions on our e-mail info@vonjpoletja.si or by calling us.


Valid from 21st of June 2021.