We come from Goriška Brda, a piece of paradise on Earth, where we grow varieties of fruits. Who doesn’t know and hasn’t tried the world-famous wines, delicious peaches and juicy, red cherries from Brda?

We are a farm, whose energy and love is dedicated to cultivation, production and processing of organic herbs and olive trees. We pay special attention to herbs like lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, immortelle, laurel bay, peppermint, sage, rose damascena … Our pride and joy present our fieldss of roses damascena, the essence of which is very popular in cosmetics. We focuse mainly on the herbs, which are a part of our culture and tradition, as well as the nature of our surroundings. Out of them we create cosmetic products, tea, syrups, jams, liqueur, decorative products …

We are well aware of the human impact on the nature and how an individual can help to preserve it, as well as contribute to its destruction. In our workshops we create a home and a workplace for insects. From bees and bumblebees to butterflies and grasshoppers, they all like to visit us in the spring and the summer. That’s why you can admire the magnificent view and enjoy the beautiful scent and the music of nature on our fields

Our village Vedrijan watching over Goriška brda.

Our work doesn’t include only the herbs, but typical fruits of Brda as well (cherries, pears, plums) and of course, olive trees, from which we make olive oil and delicious tea from olive leaves. Olive trees, that grow next to our lavender fields, helps to create a magical autumn scenery.

We try to help our Mother nature and benefit from its goodness as well as hope to make people aware of the benefits of home herbs. On the farm we also offer various workshops, through which we bring people closer to herbs and show them how to create a natural cosmetic product or how to use herbs for their own good without harming the nature.

Inhaling the scent of fresh lavender.

Workshops and activities that take place at our farm are also adapted for pupils, high school and university students. We offer the opportunity to carry out teambuilding, visit groups and also independent visits of families, hikers … Anyone who wants to get to know us and our piece of paradise on earth is welcome.

By visiting our farm you will enter the world of gifts of Mother Nature. With a beautiful view, you will get to know the herbs, their aromas and flavors, relax with the wonderful scents and  bee buzzing and bird chirping.

Dreaming of the silky olive oil.