Since one-day and family trips have become new sort of traveling/escaping from every day due to covid situation, many have discovered thoroughly Slovenian areas.

Trip to Goriška brda is something unforgettable. Views of hills of Brda with churches and castles on top, terraced landscape with vineyards and orchards show and demonstrate to the visitors the coexistence of human work and the gifts of nature

Brda offers rich home cuisine. »Frtalja« is a traditional dish, which used to cook in the past, because it was easy to prepare, herbs grew in the vineyards and orchards and the meal was satiating.  This modest yet satiating dish is now considered as a culinary surplus also because it combines the past and the present. In addition to frtalja, you can taste local wines, liqueurs, olive oil, jams, seasonal fruits …

Cycling, walking on the hills of Brda, discovering cultural and natural monuments and experiencing the hospitality… All this offers our region.

To top of your visit of Goriška brda you can add to your itinerary also a visit of our farm. You can take a walk-through lavender fields and enjoy in the scents and aromas. You can also taste liqueurs and spirits, frtalja, rose jam and herbal drinks and relax while watching the beautiful views of the landscape.

Vonj poletja offers you the world of herbs, their aromas and scents, enriched by our efforts and the work of bees and other insects in harmony with nature.

Anyone can visit us. Children can observe up close the butterflies, through observation, feeling the herbs they develop different senses like smell and taste, they get to know the richness of nature, whereas adults can relax while admiring the magnificent view and enjoy in the delicacies of our farm.