At our Vonj poletja farm, we have been engaged in organic cultivation and processing of lavender, roses, immortelle, rosemary, and olives for over 10 years. We share our knowledge in various ways and collaborate with schools, agencies, and domestic and international guests.

Our vision goes beyond just delighting guests and establishing a connection with nature, natural resources, and products. We also strive to raise awareness and develop a respectful attitude towards nature and everything it offers and enables.

Experiencing a visit to our farm, titled “Where Fragrance Unites with Flavor”, means awakening your senses, gaining insights, and creating unique memories.

Let’s take a look at what our visit includes:

  1. Warm welcome with homemade liqueur and special drinks.
  2. Presentation of activities at our farm.
  3. Experience the perception and recognition of scents of hydrolates and essential oils.
    We will share the usefulness and benefits of herbs and hydrolates in everyday life. You will recognize hydrolates of roses, lavender, immortelle, melissa, rosemary, and bay leaf.
  4. Indulge in a tasting experience:
    • Rose liqueur, accompanied by rose jam.
    • Distilled spirit (brandy or gin) made from roses.
    • Lavender liqueur.
      During the tasting of alcoholic beverages, we will serve homemade snacks prepared with herbs and local ingredients. You will also have the opportunity to taste natural syrups made from roses, lavender, and sage. These syrups can be enjoyed as refreshing drinks or used as additions to various dishes, such as spreads and dressings.
      The tasting will take place partially on the farm and partially at our “brajda,” which offers a beautiful view of Brda.
  5. Each guest will receive a special gift from our farm at the end of the visit.

A visit to our farm is unique as it combines the natural environment with our expertise. Guests can fully immerse themselves in the magnificence of nature. Through different senses, you will discover plants and explore what we can see, feel, and use in everyday life.

Come and experience our Vonj poletja farm, and surrender yourself to the magic of nature and sensory exploration of plants.

Approximate duration of the visit: about 2 hours.

Price: EUR 30 per person for up to 2 people; EUR 27 per person for 3 or more people (maximum 15 people).

Reservation: Prior reservation for the experience is mandatory. The experience is held on weekends by advance appointment.

Contact for reservation: